Joseph Ducreux - Portrait de l'artiste sous les traits d'un moqueur, Self-portrait (detail), ca. 1793
How The Art of Joseph Ducreux Became a Viral Meme

The work by the peculiar 18th-century portrait painter Joseph Ducreux has been given new life on the Internet, becoming the famous Joseph Ducreux meme....

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Leon Spilliaert -The Shipwrecked
Take a Virtual Tour of Léon Spilliaert’s RA Show

Currently on the Royal Academy's web page is a virtual tour through the retrospective of the intriguing Belgian Modernist painter Léon Spilliaert....

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Millo in Aveiro
Listing Our Favorite Street Artists With Very Unique Practices

Street art came a long way since the first train graffiti. Here is a list of ten street artist working today that are taking the form to new heights in their ever-recognizable style! ...

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Petites Luxures - Envie en vue (detail), 2020
Minimalist Erotic Drawings by Petites Luxures in an Online Show

Hashimoto Contemporary will present the latest works by Petites Luxures, an artist exploring themes of sexuality and intimacy through a minimalist style....

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Might Delete Later Exhibition View Essex Flowers
The Inevitable Return to Dada? Might Delete Later at Essex Flowers

Andrew Woolbright reviews the Might Delete Later exhibition at Essex Flowers, now available as an online exhibition, and its relations to Dada in times of Coronavirus....

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best documentary movie in the world 2010
10 Best Graffiti and Street Art Movies

Here are the ten most fascinating documentaries and fictional street art movies that tell stories of the global movement and its impact on urban culture....

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Alfredo Ramos MartInez - Landscape with a Girl
DMA’s Flores Mexicanas Exhibition is Now Virtual!

An excellent exhibition thematizing the representation of women in Mexican modern art at Dallas Museum of Art is now accessible online....

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House Rachel Whiteread
Re-Inhabiting The Rachel Whiteread House

In 1993, the established British sculptress Rachel Whiteread created the unprecedented and iconic public work called House in East London....

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